eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Strategy

Whether you’re looking to work with us to develop a brand new eCommerce store or you want an agency who can help your existing store reach its full potential, you will benefit most from working with an agency with a proven track record of getting results.

We pride ourselves on being a leading eCommerce agency who specialise in getting people the results they need so their business can thrive.

User Experience

For eCommerce websites specifically, good design encompasses more than just visual elements. It means that the website is easy for users of all levels to navigate, displays information clearly and elegantly, and provides multiple ways to get around to different resources.

The shopping experience should be so good a user doesn’t even have to think about your store at all, only shopping for the product they desire.

Responsive Web Design

We go out of our way to build gorgeous eCommerce websites that perform no matter which device they’re being viewed on. On the modern web no website – let alone an eCommerce site – can afford to fall flat on any device.

The websites we build are refined to work seamlessly across all devices your customers will be using to browse your store.

Data Analysis

Collecting eCommerce data on your website is one thing, but making sense of it and turning the data into an actionable plan is another thing entirely.

At Crystal Consulting we process all of your eCommerce data into easy-to-understand reports and visualisations so it can easily be made sense of by everyone who needs it, whether they have technical expertise or not.

This allows us and you to make sense of the raw data and turn it into action which directly benefits your business.